Unable to Create Support Ticket on Customer Portal

Hello fellow developers,

I’m currently facing an issue with creating support tickets on the UiPath Customer Portal (Customer Portal). Every time I try to submit a ticket, I encounter an error, and my ticket creation process fails.

I’m based in Singapore, and I’m wondering if there’s a known issue with the customer portal in this region or if this is an isolated incident on my end.

When traditional customer support channels don’t seem to be working, it leaves us in a bind, unsure of where else to turn for immediate assistance.

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or knows of a workaround, I would greatly appreciate your insights and assistance.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Apperantly the issue was, I had to register to customer portal with Support ID or Client’s License.

Then the Product component version actually has to match with the exact current deployment.

Then try to relogin post sign up with Customer Support ID. Then even if you don’t enter the Support ID/license key it works.

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