Unable to create a Support Ticket on UiPath website

We have an enterprise license and when I tried to create a support ticket to report a bug at the following URL, Contact Technical Support

after all the validations etc (including validating the license key), it says “Error in creating a case”

The irony is I am reporting a bug to report a bug.


Hi @savantsa,
Please try to clear cookies and cache in your web browser and then try again. Eventually, you can try the incognito mode. Please let me know if the problem will occur again.

This may be a technical issue. But when I sent the same email to our UiPath account manager who forwarded it to UiPath Support, no one responded since the last more than 24 hours. Is it possible that they are busy clearing browser cache and cookies for other customers.

Cleaning the cache is something you can do only on your end. It is not possible to do it remotely for someone.