Unable to create pipeline in AI Fabric Enterprise Cloud trial


While doing the “Movie Review” practice test in the UiPath course, “UiPath AI Fabric Overview”, Pipeline status is in the “Queued” state for more than 5 hours. I have used the training data provided in the course.

Hi @Tinju
Do you have some ML Skills deployed? If yes how many? Did you try running pipeline with GPU?
You need to make sure that you have enough licenses available for your pipeline to start.
Also one thing you can do to see if this is the issue is to check on ML Logs if you have a log saying that pipeline is waiting for resources.


Hi Jeremy,

  1. ML Skills are not deployed.
  2. Tried running pipeline with GPU.

Ok the issue is that you don’t have any GPU as part of trial. So you can’t run a pipeline with GPU. Right now pipeline is waiting for a GPU to be available and will fail within a week because it won’t be available to find one. So you should run another pipeline without GPU. You can kill current one or just wait for it to fail.
The reason why we are queueing pipeline instead of making it fail directly is because if you have only one GPU (or AI Robot) but you want to run multiple pipelines, they will start one after the other without the need for you to manage licenses available manually.

Thanks for the update.

hello Tinju,

this video would help you deploy this ML Skill.


Thanks man… Ur explanation saved me loads of time as I am using trial version too…

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