Cannot publish AI Fabric pipeline

I have tried creating several pipelines using the out-of-the-box invoice package under document understanding. These pipelines will not be moved to successful status though and just sit in the queued status. I have the enterprise trial, AI fabric stuff, and everything set up correctly because I was able to create a workflow that uses the new ML Skill in the machine learning extractor.

Does anyone know why these pipelines never show successful and stay in queued?

@mtu as of today Invoices and Receipts model require a GPU to be retrained (this will change with next version of the models). Only Document Understanding model is retrainable with CPU only.
If your pipeline is queued for ever I would assume that you are trying to retrain with a GPU but don’t have GPU license? Could you check on ML Logs if you have a log saying that pipeline is waiting for available resources?

Thanks for your response. That is the case that the logs show that it is waiting on available resources. I did uncheck the option to use GPU though as the documentation warns about.

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of trying to retrain the invoices model though if we are only interested in improving the invoices selectors? Will we get good results if we don’t use the base invoices model, but choose Document Understanding instead?

The documentation pipeline section states that retraining on a preexisting model takes advantage of that model and that training using the Document Understanding model “just trains a model from scratch on the dataset provided as input”.

I actually created a ML Package for the base Document Understanding model as well, but get the same results:

Train only of DocumentUnderstanding 2.0 waits for available license - Run 59e3acfa-5b44-4755-a46c-2330cad82a14 Attempt: 1

Train only of DocumentUnderstanding 2.0 no resource available - Run 59e3acfa-5b44-4755-a46c-2330cad82a14

Maybe something else is wrong here?

As of htis week new versions of Document Understanding models are available. These new versions can all be retrained on CPU only (including invoices, receipts…).

Could you please check if you have licenses available by clicking on three dots button (top right) and license usage?

Sure, it looks like I have 1 AI Robot and 0 GPU.

I am selecting this when creating a pipeline (Using Document Understanding Package not Invoice Package):

I used the 2.0 Document Understanding base model. Here is a shot of the info details:


Looks like your AI Robots is already in used, do you have a running pipeline or an available Skill?

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