Unable to Create Excel File

Hi All,

I’m trying to create the excel file(.xlsx) however getting attached error. Can someone please help me with this issue?
Excel Error
I have installed MS-Excel 2010 installed on my system. able to create csv file but want create .xlsx

I am using Excel application scope to create it. attached the activity as well


Can you check Excel activity version?

Hi @anandji05,

Thanks a lot for your quick attention. Please see the below dependencies snapshot


Follow this.

Most of the comments suggested to re-installation the ms-office or re-open UI path application which i already did.

Is there any other solution on this? and what is the exact cause of this issue. even excel is installed its still saying "make sure excel is installed .

Please advice


This basically UI Path is unable communicate with Excel. Can you check this dll file?

Hi @anandji05,

Yes, this dll file is available on my laptop. PFB


Any further advice on this?