Excel Errorr

I have created a xlsx format file using Create file…

I am trying to access the file which is created, I am getting this error.

Help resolveCaptureyy

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@Sweety_Girl does excel application installed in your system.

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When you create a file using Create File activity, it won’t open even manually. Don’t know the reason why :slight_smile:…You can create the excel on the run using excel application scope itself @Sweety_Girl. Try that

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Yup, You are right. Thank you

Happy to help :slight_smile: @Sweety_Girl

Usually go create a new excel file we use EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE
If the file exists it will open that file or it will create a new one
So that is very feasible and robust which is usually what UiPath suggests
Even we can see that in this document


We can simply use a write range activity with new excel file path mentioned

Either of this will work
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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