Create an empty excel

I am trying to create an empty excel file using Excel Application scope (screenshot below) but it is throwing the below error. Can anyone suggest a fix to this or any alternate method ?


Hi Tilarapiyush! you may use a workbook activity instead! This error may be due to the OS version and MS office version you are using on your laptop. I was getting this error on my Win 7 with MS Office 13.



Try upgrading uipath.System activity package and give a try

Go to design tab → manage packages-> Project dependencies and upgrade all the packages if possible

Then try again with excel application scope

If it is still not working it’s better to use WORKBOOK activities

The advantage of this activity is it will work even if your machine is not installed with excel application

So search as Workbook in Activity panel and use write range under that

Cheers @tilarapiyush

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Just be sure to check this box in your excel application scope:

This should create your black workbook based on the filename you pass in your config.
Be sure your input parameter for the filename is a valid .xlsx filename.

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