Unable to create Attended bot

While creating the attended bots, it’s throwing the error that two attended bots are already created and need to upgrade the license. (giving 1900 error code). where I didn’t even create any attended bot.

Please help !!!

@Keerthana_Priyadhars please check if you have allocated the licenses accordingly. As soon as you log in, under licenses you can check that

If the license is not allocated, you night get such issues.

I’m unable to view the license it is disabled.

no attended bots are created…

“”“No more Attended robots available. Please update your license! (#1900)”“”

Hi @Keerthana_Priyadhars

Are you on Enterprise Edition? Then you have to purchase the license, as the trial version is for only limited period


it’s a community edition. And it will expire in jan 2022

Hi @Keerthana_Priyadhars

Ok, can you show us the screen of the license page, so that we can guide you

Also make sure the your orchestrator is connected to the robot, as per the new requirement of the orchestrator

New requirement for connecting robot you can visit below post and do the setting as the post


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@Keerthana_Priyadhars -
When you are using community edition - please use development robots instead of the attended bots.

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