License problem

Good morning,

I have following license problems suddenly this morning:

  1. I got error message of “The license is already in use” when trying to publish a program,
  2. The robot attached to my PC is shown “unlicensed”.

Everything was working perfectly before I shut down my computer last night. Is it because of the auto upgrading of the software? My current version is 2019.9.2.

Thank you in advance and look forward to your advices

@GhostBuster (who ya gonna call)

It’s the upgrade, I ended up backing up my projects folder, uninstalling the old version, then adding the machine code in the new robot.

Hi, @Mr_Meeseeks ,

Thanks for your reply. I tried to search the relevant posts in the forum, un-install the existing one and re-install the latest version (2019.10.0). Following problems however still persist.

  1. The status of Orchestrator Settings is “unlicensed”.
  2. I deleted the existing robot in Orchestrator (which became “unlicensed”). When I tried to create new Studio robot , I was told “no more development robots available.”.

May I know how did you manage to fix it?

@GhostBuster What Orchestrator do you use? The one from Cloud Platform? Can you check in Orchestrator - License page how many Studio licenses are shown to be consumed?

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Hi, @ovi, thank you for your reply.

Attached below is my license page. I used to have three robots for three different computers and they were working well until last night.


Actually I am not too sure how many robots are allowed under Community Plan and quite confused by the name of robot types, e.g. attended, unattended, studio, development, unproduction etc.

Hope someone can enlighten me.

Thank you.


An attended Bot is triggered locally by a user, it is meant to assist them with performing repetitive tasks.

An Unattended Bot is triggered by a scheduler or in response to a pre-determined event. When an Unattended bot runs, a session is initiated on a machine.

Attended bots work best when they assist users on their own machines. Unattended bots work best when they perform large process on servers.

Studio is where we design the automation

Non-Production is a license where we can test the automation after developing it in studio.

We can test the automation with any license type.

We can not modify an automation with an attended license.

hope this helps! (and @ovi please feel free to add to this)

Hi, @Mr_Meeseeks, thank you very much for the explanations.

Could you advise if my understanding below is correct:

  1. I have to declare the type of a Robot when it is created.
  2. By default, the type is “Studio”. It seems that I shall use “non-production” if I want to test the automation.
  3. If the above test is OK and I want the program to be triggered by a user, do I have to change the type from “non-production” to “attended”? Similarly, when I want to run the program automatically by setting up a schedule in Trigger, do I have to change it to “unattended” again?


The community license does not include a non-production license, a user can trigger a bot locally with the attended,unattended or studio license.

If you want to trigger a bot remotely from the Orchestrator you can use your unattended or studio license. Based on your version you can also use uirobot.exe to trigger a bot locally and embed it in a bat/ps1 file.

UiPath is working on a Robot API too!

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