Unable to create AI fabric project

Currently, I have started AI Fabric training, I have updated cloud with Enterprise Trail but whenever I am clicking AI Fabric it is taking me to another page and showing message as “AI Fabric is not enabled for tenant …”
And in my license type it is showing as Enterprise Trail.
Kindly help to resolve the issue.

@nilesh_parekar You should enable the AI Robot License in the Cloud. After that make sure that you have the Role assigned to View, Edit and Manage your ML Skills and ML Packages.

You can go to Users Section and Select Roles. Then Add a New Role and assign the permissions needed.

Make sure you assign the new role to your user ID.


Thanks SupermanPunch,

Everything is checked in the role section as you showed,

You can see my License type.

@nilesh_parekar did you already enabled AI Fabric and allocate license to your tenant following this: https://docs.uipath.com/automation-cloud/docs/distributing-your-licenses#section-allocating-licenses-to-a-service ?

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks, I have followed the instructions in link provided by you and I have assign the license and services and now it is allowing me to use AI Fabric service.
Thanks for you great help.

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