How can I try AI Fabric on cloud platform?


When I wanted to try AI Fabric on Cloud platform, I met the following problems
AI Fabric is not provisioned in tenant MengHsunDefault. Contact your organization administrator to provision the service.

I check the topic below but the message still pop up.

The license I used is Community. or the AI Fabric is only Enterprise license can use?

Thanks in advance


Hi Opas,

AI Fabric only works with Enterprise license.


Hi @opas1216
“To gain access to AI Fabric, request and then allocate AI Robot licenses to your tenant within your Cloud Platform account.” :copyright:
Source : About AI Center™

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Hi @Maneesha_de_silva and @opas1216

Sorry if the wording is a bit confusing here. Request doesn’t mean that it’s free. Currenty you need to buy licenses if you want to use AI Fabric (or signup for Enterprise trial) and then become enterprise customer.

We are working on a solution to enable AI Fabric to community users but it is not ready yet.



Thanks for the update and
Really appreciate that and we are waiting to as community user to testing the functionality :grinning::star_struck::heart_eyes:

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