Uipath Orchestrator(unable to create Robot)

Hello ,
I’m trying to create Robot,but orchestrator is not allowing me to do so and giving error - No more Development robots available. Please update your license! (#1900).As i haven’t created any robot yet.

We can use unattended robot type
Development bot has the same features of unattended robots
Cheers @msalesforce777

You have already created development robots with the available licenses.
If you want to create a new one, delete the existing one or buy a license.

Karthik Byggari


where can i check created robots,im unable to find in robot tray

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We can check that in orchestrator
Click on the name at the right top corner
Under that click on license option
There we can find which robots were used and which one is left


Simply we can find the robots created in robot tab itself
That would show us the type of robot been used for each robot

Cheers @msalesforce777

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If this is the community orchestrator there is a limit to the number of bot/s that can be defined. you can check try to delete a robot and create a new one if it works. Here is an example on my end.


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