Need help to connect the robot to orchestrator


I am trying to connect one of our desktop to orchestrator to run the unattended bots. Does anybody have any idea why am i seeing the below message


Do you have administrator right? If yes, can you try to run UiPath Assistant as administrator?


Hi @divya.x.kuchi

Have a look on the docs and video,URL%20field%2C%20enter%20Orchestrator's%20address.


Hello @divya.x.kuchi ,

Please verify if your account has Admin privilege inorder to edit the Orchestrator settings.

Refer the below Doc for more details on the same.


Hello @divya.x.kuchi

Please watch the below video.


  • Login with an Administrator user. If you don’t have one, ask internally in your company who has such account privileges on that machine.
  • Provide these details to the admin: Orchestrator URL and Machine Key. Ask him/her to open the UiPath Assistant and connect with those credentials in the Orchestrator Settings section.
  • Then, if you have an available license from Orchestrator, you may use with your machine account the robot and Studio. You don’t need to connect afterward as the credentials are already provided previously by the administrator.

Let us know if this helped.