Pop up message comes up in SAP window while executing solution

a pop with message like “a process it trying to interact with SAP GUI” comes up when i use click image while automationg SAP steps. when i click ok in pop up then only the activity gets executed, same is happening for other activities as well.

First, check your GUI scripting configuration and disable “Notify me when a acript attaches to SAP GUI”

You can automate SAP with GUI scripting enabled (element detection works better) or without using these techniques.

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hi sweta,
you can disable this popup by going to change user account settings and set it to notify>never . Then these popup will not appear.
also i have worked a lot on sap application ,i dont found any use of click image there.
if you face any challenge i can mail you the xamls for reference.


I have more or less the same issue as stated above. The problem is that, due to security restrictions, I can’t change the client options at all. Is there any other way to click on the ok button of this message, when it appears? I’ver tried everything from “element exists” to “image exists”. Nothing finds that window, even though separate elements of the window are identifiable with selectors.


Hi Same issue is there.

It seems whenever that pop message comes , UiPath halts its execution until the popup is removed.

Is there a way to automate this using clicks etc ? or any other activity ?

Please help.

Hi @AdityaShivam

You can use the Parallel activity to handle the popup window.

Hi ,

It helps just once. That popup message comes everytime you try to apply a clic activity. PArallel Activity just removes it once.

And I suppose the solution from previous post does not apply?

you can disable this popup by going to change user account settings and set it to notify>never.

If so, it might be necessary to click the box every time… I hope someone who is more experienced with SAP automation will provide more input here.

Check your Settings in SAPGUI. There is a setting under Scripting that Prompts when a script is attempting to use SAP, so uncheck those notifications and you won’t need to worry about the popup.

Refer to here also:

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Hello Clayton,

that is what we want to automate using UiPath. I dont want to do this manually, but want my Robot to do this.

But it is not working due to Pop Up message.

I tried alternative - using Hotkeys which works fine, But it is not a full time SAP window so that we can identify the element to be selected before hand.

I understand, but in some cases it makes sense to configure the application to work with automation. You probably have some configuration files that SAPGui needs to reference upon opening, so if you can also uncheck the Notify settings as part of the configuration, then it might help your automation.

You can also choose to automate the configuration too if you want. For example, have UiPath load SAP then go to Settings and uncheck the Notify options under Scripting. — EDIT: that might not work since the popup would show up, OOps

I’m not sure how you would get that popup to show up since it only shows up when a Script runs, but maybe you can use another tool just to get the popup to show, like AutoHotkey or other various scripting languages (ie VB, Powershell, Python)

Hello Clayton, using hotkeys with UiPath will work . But issues is that to get to that menu item there is no shortcut available. we tried finding the element but no luck.

We thought if we find the element to be modified , we can probably do something but this is also not working.

I’m facing the same issue. Due to security settings in SAP, I’m continuously receiving popups while downloading an excel file to share drive.

The popups are not identified either by “Element Exists” or by “Find Element” and therefore the execution of the uipath is getting halted.

Hotkeys are of no use as they are executed immediately before the popup appears.

Please Guide !!