Pop up message comes up in SAP window while executing solution


a pop with message like “a process it trying to interact with SAP GUI” comes up when i use click image while automationg SAP steps. when i click ok in pop up then only the activity gets executed, same is happening for other activities as well.


First, check your GUI scripting configuration and disable “Notify me when a acript attaches to SAP GUI”

You can automate SAP with GUI scripting enabled (element detection works better) or without using these techniques.


hi sweta,
you can disable this popup by going to change user account settings and set it to notify>never . Then these popup will not appear.
also i have worked a lot on sap application ,i dont found any use of click image there.
if you face any challenge i can mail you the xamls for reference.



I have more or less the same issue as stated above. The problem is that, due to security restrictions, I can’t change the client options at all. Is there any other way to click on the ok button of this message, when it appears? I’ver tried everything from “element exists” to “image exists”. Nothing finds that window, even though separate elements of the window are identifiable with selectors.