SAP automation- How to Click ALLOW while we try to export spreadsheet in SAP

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I am working in SAP project , I am using SAP activities and the project is to download spreadsheet , I get a SAP GUI popup where I need to click on ALLOW , where I used Click Image activity which worked in QAS when In PROD it gives error and can anyone suggest which activity would work better , I tried Click, Send Hot key but not seem to be consistent.


Trying using Click with Stimulate click property set to true

you cant click that popup without using parallel thread

easier way is to disable this popup

  1. open options

  2. change ask to allow and apply

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No I cant change this as we have others BOT depends on it .cant turn off this settings,when I am using the UIautomation lastest package it is not allowing click activity .

No Click activity is not letting me select that allow, I am using latest UI automation package here in this process to make use of SAP activities.

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Do you mean it is not allowing to capture the selector when using indicate on screen with click activity ?

yes , that the reason I used Click Image worked well in Dev environment but having issue in PROD

can you give me the screenshot of what appears when you try to perform it ?

this is how Click activity selects the elements in UI

@monishanair2010 that popup acts like a message box in uipath and will block your execution unless you manually click it / use parallel activity

you can download and use this snippet

put your download sequence here

then open monitor and handle popup.xaml and edit the selector to match the “Allow” button

can you click F3 after clicking indicate on screen and trying dragging your pointer in the allow button and check ?