How to click SAP popup menu like this image

Is there any way to click on this pop-up menu in SAP with the screen saver closed?

When the screen saver is not closed, Uipath can click on the popup menu with the click activity, but when the screen saver is closed, the popup menu is treated as if it was clicked even though it was not, and it proceeds to the next process.

By the way, I tried Default and Active Accessibility for Ui Framework, and also SendWIndowsMessage and SimulateClick, but not pressed.

In the field, for security reasons, the screen saver has to be closed.

If you have ever tried to move a pop-up menu like the one in the image by pressing it with the screen saver closed, please let me know how you did it.

Thank you for reading

You should take a screenshoot, then paste it on Paint.

Use “Click image” activities where you want and adjust the selector focus on SAP, try it !

I’m sorry for the delay in replying.
I tried the above method, but it did not respond to the right-click part of the target.

Finally, I used the “Send HotKey” activity and managed it.

Thank you very much for your help.

can you try using the “click toolbar button” or “click menu item” activities?


Thank you for replying to my question.

I checked the two activity, but I could not get the target element, saying that it is not an element that can be taken by SAP.

Thank you for your advice

HI @Kirigirisu_Coin

this is the right activity

Best regards, Lev