Level 3 assignment 2 - Pop-up window interaction


I try to interact with the pop-up window after pressing the update work item button but I can’t click or type into the pop-up window with selector. The pop-up browser seems inactive and there is an error about UI element not found based on the given selector.

Methods that I have tried: delay, get active window and attach window, attach browser, click image (the pop-up browser become active but I still can’t type into the textarea)

May any suggest a way that I don’t have to close the main browser to complete the type into action on the textarea of the pop-up window.


This should work fine in IE.

Have you checked whether your attach is within the main IE attach. You may need to separate them out. I would suggest creating a separate workflow and just record the task you which to complete.



@karlkong: Please use the UiExplorer to access the UI elements, that’s the way to go about selectors.


They are attached to different browser under a different scope.
I have tried to make the sequence separated but it doesn’t work still.

The selectors of the two browsers are similar. Will this affect the attachment result? Any other workaround available?



any one help me


Hi @Blue_prism_Guruji,
Try resetting the data in acme.



I’ve attached to the pop up window with the following selector details :

<html htmlwindowname='WI-Update' title='ACME System 1 - Work Items' url='https://www.acme-test.com/work-items/update/*' />