SAP Save As Dialogue won’t respond to UIPath


I have a pop up box for saving a file in SAP and I can’t use the click function in Studio X.

I’ve tried many of the options discussed in the old closed forum of the same name and nothing helps. Has there been an update to this issue since last year?!?

It’s kind of a common practice to save exports with SAP, and SAP is one of those programs that could really benefit from a lot of automation, so this is really frustrating!

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@quailkatie please show your popup

If there is any way to push for the other version of the save as; that works. For some reason, my SAP only popped up with the other easier pop up to populate and now this is the default.



The older dialog box was like the above, and then it worked like a dream. If I have this other pop-up, I am unable to “click into” at all…



The solution for SAP Export Dialog issue is to activate Modal settings here

please try this one if you did not.

I tried all those options with absolutely no luck.

I still cannot click into that one pop-up window.

Is there any way to call the other pop-up in SAP? That option works with StudioX, but for some reason it only worked once and now I have the other pop-up that doesn’t work instead as a default!


by send and hotkey is another way

I was trying with local file - that kind of pop up was the one that was coming before - is there any way to do this easy?

I’ll look up how hotkey works in the meantime.


How does send hotkey work? I can’t find any activities with that name.



Is there any way to save an excel with local file in SAP? If there is some way with the normal SAP pop-ups, then it works with StudioX; otherwise it doesn’t work and it’s not possible to automate something simple from SAP that most people are doing daily/weekly/monthly - exporting reports from SAP to Excel.


Send hot key activity is that where we can save file file ctrl+s. But I don’t know it can work or not in your case.


Hotkeys also doesn’t work. If I record Ctrl+S nothing happens either when the SAP save as dialog box comes up.

This is so frustrating. I’ve been working on this last part for more than 2.5 hours. I’ve tried searching SAP forums and UIPath forums with absolutely no success. It seems as if its a known issue that hasn’t been resolved after >1 year?!?


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Let me check this one.

Saving as Excel literally worked once for me. I have a saved version of an excel file from SAP - BUT it was with that other dialog box that is no longer default on my SAP. I now have the Windows-like pop up where I can’t utilize “click” :frowning:

I think if there is a possibility to find that dialog box thats similar to the pop up that comes with the Local file, then I will have a solution. Seems like the issue is coming more from the SAP set-up side (absolutely no surprise there).


@quailkatie I have little bit experience of SAP and I was sharing my knowledge with respect to Uipath, maybe its Sap problem.

Ooof. I think I found a quick and dirty work-around.

If I click on the local file icon (which is not clicking on properly at the moment just to mess with me) and then text with tabs, in theory I should be able to copy and paste the pathway where I want to save the file and save as .xls format from my template excel file.

…something to try for tomorrow.

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@quailkatie yeah try tomorrow. go for rest

yes, the only part that’s not working is the clicking on the local file icon in SAP. I’ve been able to get every other part of the bot working :slight_smile:
If I click on the icon, the rest of the steps work properly and the file is extracted and saved with the correct name and in the correct folder pathway :smiley:

Thanks for your support :partying_face:

@quailkatie welcome. stay blessed. Do not worry you will be able to find better solution of this


Hello Katie,

be sure that “Show native Microsoft Windows dialogs” in the options of your SAP Logon is disabled.

If it is disabled and the setting of the local machine is also disabled, the ABAP code of your SAP system decides to call GUI_FILE_SAVE_DIALOG, to open an SAP GUI scriptable dialog, or to call FileSaveDialog of the SAPInfo Control module, which calls the native Windows dialog. Which transaction code do you use?

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