Issue with the IE download popup


I have to achieve the situation:
after i download something over IE i am getting download message popup, then have to click the arrow to select save as, so my issue is i tried using element exist to check the download ifram is there and then to click on the arrow but unfortunately i am failing to do so, some how its not selecting the arrow and gets failed with the selector error.

I had achieved this situation earlier but when using the same method it giving selector error every time

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@indrajit.shah for this use recording buddy, i used like this only its works for me.

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Hi @indrajit.shah
kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve this

–once this option popups, use a click activity to click on the arrow button to the right of save option
–then use another click activity and while trying to indicate the element, press F2 and we will be getting three seconds of hault time mean while click on the arrow in the save option and we will be getting the other options in it like save, save as, etc
–now the three seconds will get over while we will be displayed with those three options
–click on the save as option
–now a popup window will appear to save the file where you want
–use attach window activity and use click and type into activity to the field where we enter the file name we want
–once done click on ok button in the save as window with a click activity

thats all you are done
hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @indrajit.shah


@Palaniyappan, I am using click and then selected the arrow and so on as you mentioned but the issue is, some how when i am running the flow in debugg mode i can see its executed the click for arrow but on screen it isn’t clicked and after that getting the error of selector for save as, where as i have selecting everything correctly.

P.S I had did this part in assignment 2 for level 3, but some how the same thing is not working now.

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may i know what is the selector of that save as click activity
if possible a screenshot
Cheers @indrajit.shah

Hi @indrajit.shah
try to use click activity inside the attach window if it doesn’t work then try to play with Selectors.
if possible for you just post the screenshot of click activity.

Selector for arrow

Selector for save as

ya that i can try, but never used Attach window.

your selector looks correct
kindly enable the property simulate click in both the click activity and run @indrajit.shah
Hope that wuld work for sure
because i checked with one of my workflows and we have the same selector as you have

Cheers @indrajit.shah

@indrajit.shah you can use a retry scope to bypass the pop-up when downloading with IE

Use the attached workflow but you have to update the selector with that on your browser

RetryScope.xaml (9.8 KB)

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Thank to all, i solved it by using element exist using IF, all though i tried this one earlier too but wan’t working, some how its stable.


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