Unable to click on the specific text


I am trying to click the specific text for example “Region”
I am using Text Exists activity to check whether the text exists or not, if text exists I will use the click activity to click the specific text.
The problem is if there are similar texts it will click that text.
for example if the texts are in a order
instead of Region getting clicked, init_Region is getting clicked.
How can it be solved.
Thanks in advance

Try to correct selector @Megha_D_Gowda


Use UI Explorer to adjust your selector so it works properly, if you need extra help with that, attach screenshots showing the UI Explorer Window, we may be able to help.

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This is the screen I have captured, I need to click on REGION which is under Name column, but it is identifying REGION which is under init description column.
I need to indicate the elements which are under Name.
(as highlighted)
I have already read the list of items which need to be clicked in an array variable.

If the REGION is before init_REGION it is getting clicked, but if the REGION is after init_REGION, init_REGION is getting clicked

@Pradeep_Shiv could you also please try to help me

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Hello @Megha_D_Gowda,

Can you try Click Text Activity?? And pass the “Region” as an input


try removing init column if possible try to maintain only Name column if so it’s easy for you to click on the specific texts

Let me know if it works out for you!


In that case it will work, I have no options to delete it, Only option is to expand the Name column. Can it be done using UiPath, because everytime the screen opens it will be in the normal form

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yes it can be done , just do how you manually hide the column!

@Pradeep_Shiv, can I use RegEx to click the specific text.

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Regex is to match the string or get particular text, you can use Click Text activity!

Try using the Element Scope Activity under UIAutomation>Element>Find and use the Name column as the selector. then put the click text activity within that scope. should do the trick.

@Megha_D_Gowda - i am curious on selector. Aren’t you able to find the AAName = “Region” or something similar in selector ? Or you saying UiPath is not able to click so you are relying on OCR technology.


Hi @Megha_D_Gowda,
can you try using click image activity there to click on REGION if that Name doesn’t change time to time.
let us know if that works

Hi All,

I used the click activity and changed the selector, and its working fine.

Thank you


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