Selecting specific text in one clic from a broad area of screen


Im trying to make a set of variable clicks on top a specific text, which happens to be in an area with very similar posible clics but with different text each. Is such a thing posible?

For example the image before shows a region are in red, which i would like to click on top “0005” and nothing else. That number might somethimes be there, and other times t wont, so i wuold click on a different one like 0042.

The identifing a text in an area and then clicking on it would be the best solution.

Hi @Humberto_Dalponte_Garcia
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I suggest to use click activity by giving screen coordinates ( offset and onset property). It clicks the area irrespective of the text present. Please have a look at this video

Thank you! I manage to create a loop revision. Were the process would go trhough each line taking the cod. as a variable, if it was one to modify it would enter and do so, and at the moment when the lined was duplicated (last line) it would break the loop.