Text not found within the window

I have a list of text in excel format and I’m trying to use “Click Text” function to click all the specific text in the window. I’m sure that my text is exactly the same with what I want to click but the result shows “Text not found”.

Below is my workflow:

  1. Use “read range” function to read the list of text from the excel file
  2. Use “For each row in data table” function and “click text” function to click each of the text
  • I have tried the workflow by replacing “click text” function with “Message Box” function, the text can be show 1 by 1 correctly.

Abit background about the window that I’m trying to build automation, I’m able to use the “Click” function to click the single text by using “AA” Ui framework.

I’m not sure is it the limitation of Ui Path or do I need to do some formatting so that the “Click Text” function can work accordingly?


There are two possible ways to click on a element if we know the text in that element

  1. First approach is using a normal CLICK activity where initially click on a text and open the selector editor of that click activity where you will be able to find the attribute that is holding the text value
    It can be either aaname, innertext

Now replace the value of that attribute with variables
We can create variables in the selector editor itself by right clicking that Attribute value

As your using for each row activity first use a assign activity like
Var_selector = CurrentRow(“your column name”).ToString

Where var_selector is the variable you have created in the selector editor of that click activity

Next inside the loop use a CLICK activity and make sure that selector has that variable along aaname or innertext attribute

Here you go with an example of how to attain that


  1. Another method is to use CLICK TEXT activity where pass the text as input and the thing make sure you have selected the right scope of region in order to let the bot search the words or text within that region in the application
    Use the click text within attach window or attach browser activity

And try after upgrading UIAutomation package
Go to design tab → manage packages → project dependencies → upgrade UiPath.UiAutomation package

Cheers @Xian

Hi @Palaniyappan

This is the original selector of “click” activity.

I have updated the selector as per below, but it can’t be validate.

Open every TOD.xaml (8.8 KB)


Have a view on this doc on how to create a variable in selector

Cheers @Xian

The selector can be validate but I didn’t get the expected outcome.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with my workflow.
Open every TOD.xaml (11.6 KB)

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