How to capture a menu element that appears from mouse hovering?

Hi, there,
May I know which activity (apart from Hover) shall be used to select an item from a menu that only appears after mouse hover (instead of click)?
Or how to capture the target of such element?
Thank you in advance.


@GhostBuster while indicating element press F2 key it will pause a selection for 5 secs then hover mouse hover and select element

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Do you mean during “record” in Studio?

@GhostBuster yes you can use F2 key in recording as well

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While Recording if you click F2 button It will pause for few seconds, mean time you have get ready with element which you to click on

So after adding Mouse Hover to your automation, then you can capture the element you required by pressing F2 button

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Hi, @Srini84 @Arpit_Kesharwani

Thank you for your reply.
I tried to follow your advise but in vain. Here is what I have done and observed:

  1. In Studio, select “Indicate on screen” in a Click activity.
  2. This brings me to a web page and the mouse turns to blue.
  3. Press F2. The mouse returns to normal mode, so that I can hover it over the menu and the sub-menu that I want to select does appear.
  4. After few seconds, the normal mouse becomes blue into the mode of “indicating element on screen”. However, the sub-menu disappears immediately before I can actually do anything.

Please correct me where I have done wrongly.

Thanks again. :pray: :pray:

If i got IT right you are intetacting with a Webapplication.

Hovers are in the majority of cases the Info Stores in the title Attribute. So give a quick Analysis with uiexplorer and give a try on
Get Attribute and the relevant attribute e.g. title

@GhostBuster When it returns to the normal mode, Click on the Element that you want and Keep on Pressing it, do not release the mouse Click until the Timer becomes 0. When it becomes 0, and you release the mouse click, the element that you want should get selected.

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Hi @GhostBuster

lets take it in two scenarios

–One while recording and trying to select an sub element from the main element,
–Here lets take like you are using CLICK activity and trying to indicate the element
–So now all the elements will look in blue colour while trying to select the element
–Press F2 as suggested, but meanwhile get the cursor to the main element and click on its sub element
–JUST KEEP THE CURSOR ON THE NEW SUB ELEMENT - no need to press and hold. dont move the cursor from that sub menu or sub element…
–once that three seconds gets over you will be able to indicate that sub element as a individual element
thats it


–second scenario is you are working on a CITRIX environment,how you will be able to select the sub element like said above…we wont be isnt it
–so here or even without being citrix we can use one activity to achieve this SEND HOTKEY ACTIVITY
–its more like how we use only keyboard without mouse to navigate across different sub elements using tab and enter
–use the same way to navigate with tab or enter key with send hot key activity and we can achieve this easily

hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @GhostBuster

Hi, @Palaniyappan,

Thank you for your advice. The first approach is working for me. :+1:

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