Unable to add chrome extensionn


I am trying to add extension in chrome via Uipath but its not showing in chrome.

I tried to install via cmd also and I am getting same.

Any other soultion to add extension?


Welcome to our UiPath community.

May I know what error are you getting at the time of installing chrome extension ?

I am not getting any error extension is not showing in chrome.(enable window)


Are you trying to install it in personal machine or Corporate machine ?

If you are using corporate machine then check Group policy once. Please look into above thread once.

@lakshman Sorry I did not get that group policy part


Please let me know which machine are you using here ?

Client VM

Can you go to chrome://extensions/ on the VM and see if UiPath Extension is available or not? @pankajdhane

Hi Parth,
I tried but there is no extension.


Welcome to uipath forum

If you are installing a .msi file make sure the below steps

  1. You don’t have any UiPath software installed already in it

  2. If so uninstall it

  3. Now click on the msi installer file and it will open with two options
    One with normal and another with customisable

  4. Click on customisable one and it will go to next page

  5. There click on first one Automation Developer
    Before clicking on continue or install button below to the option of Automation Developr we can find a blue coloured link named ADVANCED SETTINGS

  6. Click on that and enable the extension for both chrome and edge chromium

  7. And then click on install or continue
    Now this will install by default the extension and while installing it will raise to popup to ensure that you have closed all the chrome and edge application

May be Pls close them and then try installing the UiPath itself

  1. Click ok after once after checking that chrome and edge is closed

  2. Now after installation is over you can find the extension being installed

Cheers @pankajdhane