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I removed Uipath Extension from Chrome Browser by mistake. Is there a way I add it back?

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You should be able to achieve this within Studio (granted this is the development machine), by navigating to:
Home → UiPath Extensions → Chrome

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go to tools and install it again, remember to restart your chrome


@Mr_JDavey, @fernando_zuluaga

Thank you! I did install. I restarted my laptop just to be sure. Chrome extensions does not show the Uipath extensions. What else can I do?
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check if its behind the puzzle icon

also check it its installed from here UiPath Web Automation - Chrome Web Store


I find UI Vision RPA only and I added this extension to the browser. Is this the newer version? Thanks!


Did you get any pop-up post chrome extension installation ?

If not then can you please reinstall it again and share us screenshot of that pop-up message.

I did not get any popup. I will try re-installing . Thank you,

Did not get any pop up after uninstall and install from Studio - Home - Tools - Uipath extensions - Chrome


It should some pop-up message saying that Chrome extension installed successfully something like this. Can you please restart the system once and then try to install extension.

May I know are you trying to install it in your personal machine or corporate machine ?

Yes I did get a pop up that it is successfully installed. But the extension does not show up in Chrome://Extensions. Even after reboot. It is not personal laptop. Not sure what else can be done to fix this.

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I guess your organization set some group policies. Can you please check below thread and follow the troubleshooting steps.

Thanks @lakshman. Hoping one of this would solve the issue.

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