How can i add chrome extension to UiPath

hi team
i have known that UiPath stopped working with chrome mv2 since june 203
and unfortunetly i didn’t update UiPath before this date
so now i have an issue in dealing wit chrome
i have tried to install it but receive the attached message

but when i redirected to chrome .//extension i didn’t find UiPath extension or any option to add it
so anyone can support me in solving tis ? as is a blocker to me for dealing with UiPath

Hi @rania1111995

I hope it will helps!!

when i checked this page i found it is installed , so why i’m getting this meassage once need to deal with browser

Can you try with this link


Check with your admin, maybe this is managed by your admin, that’s why you are not able to enable/install.
Is it a corporate laptop or personal?

it is corporate