Umlaut to input with background method not working

I’m trying to typ data with umlaut characters and round brackets etc. The process can only run in the background. I’m using a typ into method. If I check Send window messages, the umlaut characers are converted: ü to y a ä is converted to y etc. If I use Simulate typ the first round bracket dissapears. Set text does the same to it as simulate typ.

Text for example: Jüna (30)

Hi @Emillie_Peeters

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Is it any specific application you are trying to automate? Does the same happen in a simple Notepad?

One solution you could try could be setting the text to a clipboard using the Set Clipboard activity and then pasting it using CTRL+V Send Hotkey activity with SendWindowsMessage set.

Dear Maciej,

It happens to any input in Chrome, internet explorer, notepad plus, not to simple wordpad. Copy to clipboard doesn’t Deen to work in the background.

Thanks an regards emillie

Dear Maciej, Please find screenshot to indicate my problem. It works fine if not used in the background. But it doesn’t work when used in the background.

Could you maybe let us know your UIAutomation package version? I would suggest you to try with both UIAutomation and System packages updated to their latest preview versions as a test if the issue isn’t fixed by that alone.

Hi Maciej,

I had version 20.4.0 and updated to 20.10.0 for both. Same problem: