Backslash \ does not works with Type Into in Google Chrome

Version UIPATH 2019.4.4 Entreprise Edition


I work on web automation to save a PDF file which is displayed into Google Chrome frame.
When I want to fill the fullpath of the file on the window “Save as”, the caracter \ (backslash) is replaced automatically by _ (underscore).

I don’t want to use “send keys” by splitting my path variable.
I use SendWindowsMessages too because run in background.

Have you a solution for me?

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Not sure why it is replacing the “\” to “_” but did you try without the simulating or send window messages property?


Could you please set delaybetweenkeys to 50 in properties of Type Into activity and then check it once.

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No change with a delaybetweenkeys to 50

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without the simulating or send window messages property, il doesn’t work in background mode.
OK if I check Simulating Type only.


If you want to run it in backend then you have to check either SimulateType or SendWindowMessage options.

If you are passing any hot keys then you have to check SendWindowMessage option only and here SimulateType won’t work here.


Thanks !

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I downloaded the 2019.10.2 UIPATH Studio.
The matter is still present.

I tested with SendWindowMessage or SimulateType. No difference.

Please help me.

The AppendLine is OK (Backslash in Log File.)
The Type Into is KO. (UnderScore in Path File)