SendHotkey Activity german "umlaut"

hi All,
I try to send ‘Ä’ with SendHotkey Activity, but it does not work.
It sends " (quotation mark) as it is the key on us-US / es-EN keyboard layout.
Version is 2021.4 and i used to use this way for a long time with version 2018.4.
The strange are following log messages

  • KeyboardLayout: de-DE
  • Umlaut A: Ä
    so I dont know, what to do.
    any idea is very appreciated

Welcome to the forum

give a try on sending Ä by chr method

ensure that it is not surrounded by quotes:

thx Peter for rapid answer,
in the meantime the host application has been “closed”
so i have to wait till tomorrow.
btw. as i saw with an work-around, all other inputs (in the fields) are going over the us-xx keyboard layout. it must be an config setting somewhere.
thx again