UiRobot stop work


I’m new in UiPath developer, i start a robot from task scheduler, but it stops working. I need help because I access to a Remote Desktop and when i disconect the session the uirobot stops and closes.

How can I solve this problem?

I dont want tom start the project from the orchestador.

You can’t disconnect from the session. Automations need a UI to interact with and when you disconnect the UI is no longer available.


When running a UiPath robot on a remote machine via Task Scheduler, you might face issues when disconnecting from the remote session, as the robot execution may stop. This behavior occurs because by default, robots launched from a remote session terminate when the session is disconnected.

Try installing UiPath assistant and execute through that as the Agent Desktop is designed to run attended processes in the background, even when the user disconnects from the remote session.

Hope this helps

Cheers @Fabio_Oliveira


Attended automation runs on the user machine and session…if the sessions is closed then the robot disconnect automatically

For unattended you should go with closing the machine first and trigger the automation from orchestrator

For testing if you are trying this…then try to change the robot license type and the installation type to unattended and then minimize the screen instead of disconnect