How to make the robot process keep running if the remote desktop protocol session is ended / lockscreen

how to make the robot process keep running if the remote desktop protocol session is ended/ lockscreen with ui activity foreground workflow and robot is installed on windows server


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Are you using Attended or Unattended Bot ?

Hello @Vico ,

Just to get more clarity, is the robot installed in the server and are you trying to automate another remote desktop which opened in the server?

hello @lakshman im using attended Bot without using orchestrator and looping in 24/7

hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, the robot is installed in the server and im using attended robot, i want to remote desktop without disturbing the process or make robot failed when im remote, any suggestion for that problem ?


What I understood is, if you are taking the remote the process gets failed as you elements are not able to identify…This is happening as Ui automation is not works in background… Could you plz try with simulate clicks…I hope it support background


If Remote session is ended/Locked then Bot will fail.

Hi @Vico

Try to run the process in PIP.


@Vico Attended robot always works with the user login. If you log out from RDP, or if the screen get locked the robot fails to identify the elements and eventually the process fails

  • So to run the bot like you are expecting you must buy unattended license
  • Besides this you can run the attended automations through Picture in Picture mode (PIP) or Uipath Assistant . For this again you should login to the server

Hey @Vico

With Attended bots you have no other option, you need to keep the system open.

But coming to Un-Attended robots you can install that in service mode which will run seamlessly without any hiccups even if the machine is locked.