UiPathRemoteDriver Error

I’m getting this error after about 10min of continuous running of a sequence. It only happens in remote desktop.
I’ve updated studio and RemoteRuntime to 2021.4.3 and the error is still occurring.


Cant find any log or trace of the error in the remote side.
Please can I get some insights on this?

If we are unable to run this project on the remote side then there is no meaning to this…

Hi @mo.carrasco,
Are you able to give us more details about your system and environment?

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Hi @Pablito , thank you for you reply.
I’m using windows 10, and on my client side I’m using Windows Server 2016.
I connect to the client using the regular Remote desktop connection application.

Is there any log i could check or something could try for the moment?

Thank you in advance

If you are running on the Enterprise license I would suggest opening the ticket for our Technical Support. Prior to this please also generate a log using
You may find this in the Studio installation folder.