UiPath x RPA Python

I’ve been looking for information about my doubt for a while, so I came to comment it here in the post. If you seem a little ignorant, excuse me.

I’m starting to study python, even before I already knew UiPath. Lately I saw that python is used as RPA with the use of excel, web, in some ads, in the same way as UiPath.

In the view of you who are familiar or have already gone through this question.

Python RPA or UiPath? What is the best way to continue learning about the RPA theme?


Hi ,

I would highly recommend UiPath , although we have selenium drivers and some modules to deal with Ui automation, excel etc… i think Maintaining robots after deployment will not be efficient in python howevere we have a centralized server in UiPath called orchestrator and one more important aspect , Scalability although there were ways in achieving scalability in python but UiPath have more advantage (More flexibility to scale using versioning)

I’ve tried automation using python , i would say uipath -with python as add-on , will be very effective with which we can open doors of NLP , AI ,Intelligent automation.

Hope i didn’t confuse you :wink: