UIPath vs Automation Anywhere-Blue Prism

Hi all,

today my boss tell me that to analize this RPA soft. I am learning to use UIPath ( the root cause is freeware, training academy, and a awesome support forum community ) but he wants to choose one to purchase.
At this point, i don’t know other RPA, and UIPath only a little bit, is for that, i need to defend UIPath against others ( i like it UI !! ).

so i request your help to make a complete doc, explaining why UIPath is the best option.
please could you help me, giving me pros against others?

your help will be much appreciated :heart_eyes:



Hope the below link helps you!


Hi Vinutha,

i saw the post searching out, but has’t contain much info hehe.


Pricing : Pricing is Customized based on contract size and uipath is competetively aggressive. If you need RPA for primitive needs then you can try Workfusion RPA Express ( free). I would not go that route personally just for the sake of price.
Talent : You can Train Easily, Hire Easily
Support : 5/5 Stars . But then other companies are doing awesome at support
The videos, Freeware , Forum are Uipath’s greatest strength that you will not find anywhere.
Maintenance : For smaller organization with 100- 200 bots, UIPATH will be Least with Overhead compared to Workfusion, Blueprism.
Orchestrator/Control Rooms: Uipath until I knew last , doesnt mandate you to buy Orchestrator as against all other products. I believe all other products mandate you to use their control room which is an overhead cost-wise
Development Speed: AA and Uipath are both fast to implement as against BP, WF or OpenSpan. Contradictory to popular belief, uipath developer doesn’t need any .net experience . You only need Programming IQ and you will need some basic guidance initially to search the internet for .net methods that fit your requirement. Like I use directory.getfilesystementries , string functions.
Elastic Search & Kibana : Analytics and Reporting platform completes the RPA package, I have’nt got a close experience with a real Business that has used it. But yes it’s doable

Cognitive ( OCR, NLP, Unstructured documents): This is a major tie-breaker depending on your needs. It is over and above Uipaths Capability as of Today. Uipath is not the solution provider but it partners with other products like Google, Microsoft, Abby OCR, WATSON. So if you are going to need cognitive read on…

  1. Google and Microsoft are the standard Free OCRs that work with Uipath . They are acceptable as far as citrix automation is concerned (with a 2-10% error. )
    But when it comes to scanned documents, GOOGLE/Microsoft (MODI) OCR DO NOT WORK ( sometimes 0 % success Rate). But then they are not meant for translating scanned forms.

  2. ABBY is one of the Finest paid Neural Network based OCR with a very high accuracy (95-98%). You can import ABBY APIS( Activities) in uipath studio with ease.
    a) ABBY sends your docs to be translated over the Cloud, so check with your compliance.
    b) ABBY OCR doesn’t understand your document structure. If you are translating (image to text) invoices from different vendor then every vendor will have their own structure and then UIPATH cannot be coded to handle . This is where Automation anywhere and work fusion are supposedly good.

  3. While dealing with digitization of Invoices or any other document to that matter which involves multiple vendors/Partners you will see hundreds and thousands of structures. OCR tool does’nt solve your problem alone, you will need some tool like Automation anywhere which can Learn new templates easily. I have seen AA demo and so I know its do-able, I havent measured the productivity improvement because I haven’t implemented it. Its supposedly do-able with WorkFusion, But it is definitely not do-able with Uipath .

  4. Watson APIs are already importable in Uistudio, I just dont know where and how to use them as far as process automation is concerned.
    Uipath will be collaborating with other partners for stronger cognitive capabilities ,so hang on. With the uipath framework the programmer is the King and is in total control of automation. All the features that uipath has are 99.99% flawless. I think in the next 5 years Uipath will be the no 1 and there would be no close second .
    To conclude I would like to convey that the Products should and cannot be chosen based on blogs and forums alone. Almost every person on this forum is either a Uipath Fan. There are other aspects in chosing a product that I dont want to mention here.


Thank you for your thorough reply @jmf. Just a few things:

UiPath also offers a free (community) version of the platform. Studio Community can be downloaded via www.uipath.com and Orchestrator Community can be accessed here platform.uipath.com where you can create your own tenant.

Indeed, reporting is one aspect which is often requested by customers, which is why we’re planning a deeper integration and more capabilities in this area. You will soon be able to integrate with other reporting tools and technologies.

Correct. UiPath integrates best of breed technologies. Integration wise, this will continue with even richer integrations.

Not completely accurate. This is about Intelligent OCR. Processing unstructured and semi structured data like the invoices example you made can also be achieved today via integrations.

Same as above. UiPath’s core focus is RPA. We acknowledge that Digital Transformation means more than just RPA. UiPath integrates with software vendors, leaders in their own domain, that currently do OCR and Intelligent OCR. This completes the Digital Transformation Solution (the whole package) and provides state-of-the-art solutions for any business requirement. It does not make sense for an RPA provider to do in-house OCR and for OCR providers to do RPA. That would be a bit defocusing to one’s core business and core competency. To summarize, UiPath can provide Intelligent OCR as well, via integrations.

I completely agree. Disclaimer, i am a UiPath fan and an employee. I actually was a fan before being an employee :slight_smile: Please drop me a note in private, if you want to share anything that you don’t want to mention here. All feedback is good feedback. We want to hear more from you guys b/c we want to build a product people love.


I’m a beginner in Automation anywhere, I can’t purchase the Automation Anywhere package and in demo also most of the options are not available. is there is any package for students or learners. if so pls let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi Arun,

I honestly don’t know about AA, but you can download UiPath Community Edition from here:

And the Academy free videos and tutorials will help you find your way around UiPath. :slight_smile:

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You have many resources online and offline but only few recommended. You can opt for Self Paced videos as well. Automation Anywhere develops robotic process automation software to augment and scale knowledge work at the world’s largest companies. Automation Anywhere Enterprise caters to enterprises looking to deploy a digital workforce composed of software bots that complete business processes end-to-end. Automation Anywhere Enterprise combines traditional RPA with cognitive elements such as natural language processing and reading unstructured data. An aspirant with basic or no coding knowledge also can learn this course by our Automation Anywhere training.

Hi folks,

I would like to make a question… i read about another RPA softwares and they include an option for secure screen. It mean that the software hide the running process behind a blue screen ( or another color, i don’t know ) preventing that any other user can see what is doing the process.

My question is if UIPath will include this feature in the future.
really this is an interesting feature.

thanks, BR.

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UIPath can do this(locked Screen), you just need to know how :wink:

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UiPath can do this(locked Screen),

And how can I do it with UiPath? I mean, how to make my robots run with a locked desktop?

Found the solution myself: UI Automation

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Yes, like UIPath, they also have a community edition of Automation anywhere. You can download that for free for learning and personal use. :slight_smile: