Why do with RPA? all Activties done in Python

i want answer for those questions

1.Why go with RPA ?

  1. What are the cases studies can do in RPA and Python ?

  2. What are the cases studies can not do in RPA and Python ?

  3. Any one reason RPA is best for Python ?

Shyam Pragash


Let me try to make it simple with some points that would probably cover all the queries

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is Enterprise automation whereas, Python Automation is Application based automation.

2.Python is used with selenium to automate small task as the complexity of the task increases, coding becomes difficult and the reliability is also low.

  1. Whereas, when you say Robotic Process Automation- it is design to automate greater degree of complex problem and the best part is, RPA is Code Free

  2. RPA is 80% code free. It is design using Flow Chart Or sequence of activities which makes the complex problem solve.

  3. Another major difference is, RPA is a Developer automation tool and Python is Testing Automation tool.

  4. Python is used by Testers to test an application of their quality analysis whereas RPA is used by Developer to automate a tedious task and not to test an application.

  5. Both of them won’t if the process is not standard
    In a way like if the input is not standard or if the input format keeps changing or if the process keeps getting upgraded then either of way Python or RPA Won’t work

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Shyam_Pragash


Thanks Bro…

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