What are the reasons for choosing UiPath for RPA instead of using JavaScript or Python?

As a UiPath developer with also a decent knowledge of Python, Java, and JavaScript, I’m uncertain why someone would choose coding over UiPath Studio or other low-code RPA tools if they have coding skills. I believe that even UI automation can be achieved through scripts. I’m interested in understanding the limitations of using scripts instead of low-code RPA tools, but I’m not including Orchestrator in this discussion.

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Below are reasons for choosing UiPath for RPA instea of using Javascript or Python

  1. User-Friendly Interface: UiPath has a user-friendly interface that allows users with little or no programming experience to create automated workflows easily. This feature makes it easier for business users to use and adopt the tool.
  2. Pre-built Activities: UiPath has a vast library of pre-built activities that can be used to automate common tasks without having to write custom code. This feature helps save time and effort.
  3. Cross-Platform Support: UiPath supports automation across multiple platforms and applications, including desktop, web, and Citrix. This feature allows businesses to automate a wide range of processes across different systems.
  4. Security: UiPath offers enterprise-grade security features that ensure data privacy and security during the automation process. This feature is essential for businesses that handle sensitive data.
  5. Scalability: UiPath offers scalability, which means it can handle complex processes and large volumes of data without performance issues. This feature is essential for businesses that plan to scale their automation efforts.

While JavaScript and Python are powerful programming languages, they may not be the best choice for RPA because they lack the user-friendly interface, pre-built activities, and enterprise-grade security features that UiPath offers.

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They don’t have OC

u mean OCR

means UiPath Orchestrator https://cloud.uipath.com/, Of course, you can develop an OC with Python, but that would require a great effort. If there is no Orchestrator, then it would only stay at the script level and can only be considered as an automation script. To be classified as RPA, it must have the three major components (Robot, Studio, and Control Panel). I believe that UiPath is an automation ecosystem, not just a simple automation script. If it were just a script, then many technologies could achieve the same. I think that UiPath’s ecosystem is its advantage.

Sorry, I didn’t read your question description carefully. I understand that you want to replace Studio with Java or Python. I understand this feeling, as someone who has been developing with Java for a long time, using Studio for development can be somewhat inefficient. However, I think the problem still comes back to Orchestrator. You cannot discuss Studio separately, as it is not RPA on its own. If you use Java for development, then you must develop another IDE to connect to Orchestrator conveniently. But that still requires a lot of effort, just like many people configure VIM to be like IDEA. Of course, you can do it, but it requires a lot of effort.

if i just want to use time triggers of OC , i can do that within windows itself with task schedular app , hence others features are not possible i agree that too and queues are one of the

For reasons, cost is also a factor. The code you write will always be maintained by others. Salaries for developers using traditional languages like Java in the market are much higher than those for UiPath, and the person must also have knowledge of RPA, as well as libraries like Python that are used for RPA. The learning cost for these libraries is also relatively high.

“it’s possible” and “it’s as simple and feature-rich as UiPath Orchestrator” are not the same thing. There is far more to it than just time triggers. Queues, Storage Buckets, Assets, etc etc etc plus managing resources (logins/servers) and load balancing automations, logging, the list goes on and on.

Can you explain that , in UiPath?

Orchestrator manages running automations for you across multiple servers and accounts.