UiPath with Abbyy FlexiCapture Standalone

Hi friends,
I have installed “Abbyy FlexiCapture Standalone” in Uipath development machine.
Can you please guide me to connect flexicapture from UIpath for PDF invoice process.

HI @hasanjpm

This will help you I guess

Hi @hasanjpm ,
Install Abbyy OCR package from Uipath package manager.Then Drag and Drop the OCR activities into the Intelligent OCR scope(package installed from manage package).

Hi @Kalees9486,
Can you please explain the steps.

My requirement : i have 10 different invoice format, from that invoice copy i need to read Invoice number, Invoice date and total amount.


can i see the sample pdf format?
based on that we can apply regex! and get desired output!

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv
thanks for your reply.

i forgot to mentioned that some time i may need to read invoice details as well, details will be in table format.
Ex : Sn Description Qty Amount VAT Net Amount

this also can we get by apply regex ?

i want to see the sample bro or else i cant apply the regex!

First, you can plot those required fields in studio by label field method or some other.Next export the template it as fcdot file by Administrator station then read the pdf using Uipath and process those files by the created template.

When you extract the PDF by using Abby, no need to use regex.In abbyy itself you can extract the exact table and write it to excel file.

Hi @Kalees9486
it’s working. thanks for your guide.

One more questions:
we need to create 10 .fcdot file if we have 10 different invoice format ?

If the templates are totally different from each of one, means we have to export it separately.


Can i get any training video for abbyy flexi layout studio to generate .afl file.

you can search in youtube!

Search on YouTube and Abbyy forum also.

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