Abbyy flexicapture standalone with uipath

Hello can you guide me how to use abbyy flexicapture standalone with UiPath. I have trained fcdot files but want to know how to use these fcdot files in uipath
@irahmat , @Kalees9486

Hi @Naveed_Hakim1 - Welcome to the Uipath.
In Uipath, Install the Abbyy OCR package and Intelligent OCR package from the Manage Package. Then invoke Process Doc and Export activities inside the Intelligent Scope.
In Process Doc, assign FCDot file in the definition path and also write your PDF file path in Document path. then assign the Process Doc out to export document activity.

Thank U.

Hello , I get this error in export document . “No elements were matched during the processing phase. Please retry processing the document”. However . confidence is 100%

Check those input files with that afl document in administrator Station.

I am not able to see any files over there

I am wonder about this package, this package only work for ABBYY Standalone instead Engine?

Can i have a look on this?

This package is enough for extraction.

is that package support if the machine only install ABBYY Engine?