Can't connect to Orchestrator

Hello guys,

I created a Machine on cloud.uipath. com/ and afterwards i pasted the machine key in the UiPath Robot Orchestrator Settings mask. Also I had to add the Orchestrator URL but I’m not sure if I did it the right way.

According to this thread it must be like: ```[AccountName]/[ServiceName]

But where can I find the account and service name? 

I get an error message when i try to connect to Orchestrator. So maybe it's because the Orchestrator URL is wrong. 
The error message is ```The operation was canceled.´´´

Thank you so much for help

Hello @Rajid

Account and the service name can be found on the orchestrator url itself. Login to cloud platform, then go to your orchestrator service and navigate into it. Now if you check the url of the orchestrator, you’ll see the service name and the account. Copy the url from start to that point and add it to your robot tray settings.

Also as an additional check, just make sure orchestrator is licensed from the bottom left corner of the orchestrator screen