UiPath SVN setup

I know it is a basic question but I haven’t been able to find much content online. I have to perform a setup to have my UiPath studio connected to SVN.
For this purpose, how do we get a common repo URL which can be used across multiple developers?
As per the setup I have done, it seems to be considering a folder in my local machine as the repository. But I think that would be useful if I am the only person working on it. Is there any way to get a common repo URL that could be accessed by everyone?

Hi prajeeth1992,

This can be achived by using a MyGet feed in Orchestrator Settings -> Deployment tab.
Details in the user guide:

Thanks for the info.

Is it possible to store reusable xaml filein the Orchestrator itself?

Only in Packages. For the moment you can only upload a package to Orchestrator, but not download. But once you uploaded the package(or publish directly from Studio) multiple robots from different machines can run it(if it’s deployed on the Environment they are part of).

Okay. Thanks for your quick reply.
So would you recommend Tortoise SVN as the best way to share re-usable xaml components (not package -.nupkg) across the team? If so, are there any best practices which could be followed?

Is it possible to check the dependencies of the committed code and store the same information in any logs?


It might be a stupid question, but here goes:

When publishing to Orchestrator what version is actually published? The version on the local machine (last checked out version) or the version on the SVN server (last checked in version)?


last checked in version

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