How to download version of my code from orchestrator

where can I download the particular version of my code that I published to Orchestrator?
We are several coworkers who are developing one UiPath project. I publish my code to Orchestrator and my coleague wants to download the latest version and improve it. But we do not know how to do it. There is no “Download source” button.


Hi @Ondrej_Macek,

Unfortunately, you couldn’t download the full project code that you was published to Orchestrator. because your process is automatically generated Nuget package and published to Orchestrator.

You just only could share your working code to the colleagues via TFS, SVN, or directly send it via email or shared folder.

Hope this information help you. :slight_smile:


Hi @Ondrej_Macek,

As @tnguyen449 said you can only share the recent version of developed workflow within your team via TFS or SVN repositories. In UiPath Studio click on StartTeam → Select TFS or SVN options as per your project availability. Else, the most convenient way is to send via mail :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you both. TFS seems to be the right choice. I’ll try it.

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I agree that a source control is a better option here, but just for the sake of completion. You can always download the packages from Orchestrator and then open them, as those are basically zip files.

The source code will be there.


Can you tell me where exactly am I able to do it? Thank you.

Pls Go through below link and follow.

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Thank you very much @lakshman.
One more question. After I downloaded the package from Orchestrator I found out that there are not my screenshots (and the .screenshots folder). It is pretty bad to lose all screenshots of the project. Is this because of my bad settings of is is a bug? :slight_smile:

Thank you


.screenshots folder contains all screenshots of that particular project and after published from studio and same package(*.nupkg) will go to orchestrator. It won’t change any screenshots.

I see that. But that is the problem. There is no .screenshots folder in sownloaded .nupkg package. (We have both Studio and Orchestrator version 2018.4.1)

Hi Ondrej,

Can you please tell me how to access .nupkg package downloaded from orchestrator?

Go to Processes (left menu) ➝ Packages (top menu) ➝ choose process you want to download, hoover cursor and click the right button “View Versions” ➝ choose version, hoover it and click “Download package”.

Hope it hel[s


Maybe not the ideal way to handle this, but as a last resort you can indeed get the code from orchestrator. After reading this thread I thought my code was not recoverable having accidentally deleted it and only having a NUPKG left, but I was indeed able to get the xaml’s from:

Hi there,
Just download the package from orchestrator and change the extension from .nupkg to .zip, you will be able to get your xaml files



Here is a way to see source files from nuget package-