UiPath Studio X Robot due to conflict to my Enterprise UiPath Studio license in Orchestrator

Hi !
I have dowloaded and installed Studio X
I have been then able to build the basic BOT to import CSV into xls
Unfortunately I’m now struggling with a severe trouble while trying to run my BOT exercises in UiPath Studio X.
It seems that there is no way to properly activate the right UiPath Studio X Robot due to conflict to my Ericsson UiPath Studio license in Orchestrator (as in the snip below)

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do you run enterprise and community on same machine? this is not supported

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Hi thaks for reply… if by machine you mean laptop …yes

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Then this would be the issue, I believe.

Could you say which versions do you have of both Studio Enterprise and Studio Community Edition (StudioX profile is part of it)?

The solution would be to:

  • uninstall the Enterprise edition (I can understand why this is not ideal)
  • join our Insider’s program and download the latest preview Enterprise version installer:

The bottom line is that having two versions of Studio/StudioX (one coming from Enterprise MSI installer and one from Community exe installer) will not work.

Studio X 2020.4.0-beta 472 Community edition
Studio 2019.4.3 Enterprise edition

Thank you. Please see above for possible solutions :slight_smile:

I’m on Enterprise version with license activated from Orchestrator, and StudioX Preview works which is inside the Studio already.

You can get to it by going to License Profile within Studio and change it.

So, yeah, run it from the Enterprise edition. (I’m also on 2019.4


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Thakns fro suggestion but I’m not able to solve… see detail in the enclosed mail…
BBR GianlucaStudio X troubles.pdf (826.7 KB)

Sorry, I’m actually on version 2019.10.4
I think the StudioX Preview is on a later version than what you have, so you would need to update to the long term support release of 2019.10.

Another suggestion I have (aside from uninstalling the Studio) is to Disconnect from Orchestrator. This way it can’t get the license. Then, when you open the Community edition, get the free license.

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Finalyy I was able to proceed unistalling UiPath Studio and re-installing UiPath Studio X
Thanks for kind support!
BR Gianluca


I’m using Community version of orchestrator and studio
we got one studio and two BOT license, Now i want to install my BOT alone in my machine with license, from where I should download this? and how to install enterprise version

You can download the Enterprise MSI installer from our Automation Cloud :slight_smile: