UiPath Studio Trial Licence Extension


My UiPath studio trial licence is about to expire in 3 days. Is there a way I can extend it. I need it to practice and keep learning.

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Hello Piyush,
Even i had same problem but you use community edition, which have few limitations. i think it can help you to learn and discover more in developing the code for automatons.

Manish Kumar

I thought I had community edition. It says expires in three day .

Hi Piyush,

You can still use the Community Edition, you just have to renew the license every two months using this link: https://www.uipath.com/renew-community-license

That helped. Thanks a lot Ovi.

Hi @PiyushLohana ,

Please search before posting.:slight_smile:

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Attention .!
Hey @PiyushLohana You got to be kidding me mate .

Hey guys,

I am only intervening here because I am sure none of you meant to be inappropriate.

What Dilip first meant is to avoid duplicated posts(a consequence to those is there are increased chances that your post would remain unanswered) and also may help find your answers more quickly. More details in Andrzej’s post:

But my opinion is that if you’ve got your answer and it helped there should not be any hard feelings, we’re all here to learn, help and be helped. :slight_smile:

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how can I go through the site for learning