Trial license expired

I’m a developer and at the moment in between jobs (no job at the moment). At this time I would like to learn as much as possible from the academy, so that I can find a good job in the RPA-business, hopefully with UiPath. Today I noticed that the license has expired. Is it possible as a student in UiPath to get more time to practise?

Hi @LiTe
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And yes, you can absolutely learn as much as you want, thanks to the UiPath Community Edition license. Sign up to the Automation Cloud and set up your own cloud infra for free!
You get Studio license to practice and build your own robots and also run them on your own Orchestrator instance too.

Reach out to the forum if you need any more assistance.
Happy automating!


Community edition studio is available for 60 days… sufficient time to finish developer course and get certified. All the best.


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open, Just signup with your email id, you will get access to Community edition orchestrator

For Studio->on the home page of the orchestrator you will see there a resource center link, click and you will find the link to download the community edition studio

Hope this helps you



The UiPath enterprise is available for 60 days as trial. For community edition, you have a free license.