Community Edition License Expiration

Hello, I downloaded a community edition of UiPath, I am using the community edition so that I can follow along in the Academy lessons as I learn to use the software with the goal of getting a job using the program at some point in the future. However, after download I was following the set up steps, and it looks like it pushed me down the path for a free trial, not the community edition, despite my download file being a community edition download. How do I change my account so that I can continue using the community edition. Currently it says I have no license?? Please help, I am trying to gain enough experience for an entry level automation job by Mid-February.


use a different account and create a community license again


Please check this as well


Hi @Abram_Miller ,

Were you able to resolve switching to a Community license in the end? Happy to assist if that wasn’t the case.

Many thanks,

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