UiPath Studio still for free? Or just StudioX?


I used the 60 days trial version which has now expired. Now I wanted to start UiPath Studio, but it only starts UiPath StudioX. Is the program UiPath Studio still free or do I have to do something different?

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Hi @MaxFoe
Logout from current account and try to register the UiPath community version again with same mail id but with different organisation name. So, by doing that you can get the Studio with same mail ID.

Hope it works !!

Hi @MaxFoe

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It seems your license plan might be not community plan but pro free plan.
For now, can you check your plan at Admin-License page in Automation Cloud as the following?

If it’s free plan, as there is only Automation Express license, Studio cannot be used.
Please create new organization as Community plan using another account or delete current organization then re-create new one.


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Community version is still free.
Make a new account and uninstall studiox and clean your folders and download msi file from UiPath cloud portal.
Run as administrator

Hi @MaxFoe ,

You could also Start a Pro Trial Option, it should be able to provide you the Automation Developer license. You should then be able to use Studio.

But it also expires after 2 months, after which you can request for Pro Trial again.

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