StudioX Access After Trial Period

Not sure if this is the right place to post this particular question, but I could not find anywhere else.

We have a few customers who had requested Trial use of StudioX, and we worked with UiPath and got the trial licenses prepared for them. We were told Trial license is valid for 45 days.

It has already been good 6 months, but these customers can still use StudioX they installed in their computer, and they can do development.
Does anyone know why this happens, and does this mean “Trial license” is basically a “forever license” in a way?


I guess the customers use StudioX under Automation Express license in Free plan.
Can you check their plan and license in Admin page of AutomationCloud?


Hi @Yoichi -san, thank you for your reply.

I just visited the admin >> Licenses, but I am not sure what exactly to look for here.
I see something similar to the screenshot you attached in your reply.

I do see 4 license types and all of them are used up.
Attended - Named User
Citizen Developer - Named User
RPA Developer - Named User
Automation Developer - Named User

I am not sure what is “Automation Express license in Free plan”.
Can I check what specific plan each user is under, from Automation Cloud?


I guess the users can use StudioX under Citizen Developer or Automation Developer.
Can you share your current plan of the organization such as Community, Free or Enterprise etc?

Since the last November, if trial plan expires, it becomes Free plan. However, before it, it became Community plan which has AutomationDeveloper license, as far as i remember.