UiPath community license got expired and not able to open the UiPath Studio

Hi, today my UiPath community edition license has expired and when try to open UiPath studio it is opening as UiPath StudioX and I cannot open UiPath studio
Could anyone of you help me resolving this issue.

Switch between StudioX and Studio also did not helped, attaching a reference link
Switch between Studio X and Studio - Help / StudioX - UiPath Community Forum

@sonaliaggarwal47 could you help me with more info


Please login to orchestrator and check the license page if it says free then you have to create a new account for getting community version…


HI @Anil_G

Earlier it was free in Orchestrator → license page now it is in Pro-trail version. And as you suggested if I create a new user account in my machine it is always pointing to open UiPath Studiox and its showing (Enterprise Edition)

Please provide with more steps would be helpful


If pro trail then you should be able to switch…

Alternately if new account is created then open assistant on your ayatem and connect the robot to new orchestrator from preferences menu