UiPath Studio Solution to Move Multiple Emails to Multiple Sub Folders


Preface: I am quite new to UiPath Studio.

I am working on a project where the ask is to move multiple emails from inbox folder of a group mailbox to multiple sub-folders of mailbox and create sub-folders if it does not exist. There are more parts to it, but I am just adding the part where I am stuck with.

The movement of email is controlled by an excel rule file, which is used by end user to define which email is to be be moved under which sub-folder.

Last column in the excel rule file contains folder path

Folder Path
Inbox\2023\April - 23\Monthly Reports
Inbox\2023\April - 23\Weekly Reports
Inbox\2023\April - 23\Daily Reports
Inbox\2023\March - 23\Monthly Reports
Inbox\2023\March - 23\Weekly Reports
Inbox\2023\March - 23\Daily Reports

As per above it means, monthly report email should be moved to “Monthly Reports” folder which is inside “April - 23” folder, which is inside “2023” folder, which is inside “Inbox” folder and so on.

Currently, stuck with the below:

  1. UiPath should first find if that particular folder or sub-folder exists, if not then create it.
  2. Move the email to that particular folder.
  3. There can be multiple sub-folders, in terms of level



Please check this…for moving we have activities but for checking folder and creating there are no activities as of now…you can try this


Hi @vvaidya and @Uemoe

Can you please help me with this, I had seen your solutions on other query which is similar to my query.

Thanks in advance.