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Hi,i am not able to move my outlook email to subfolders from inbox of my account.In outlook i have another account like Outlook data file,to this account i am able to move an email using uipath. I gave the path in the mail folder like "Inbox\NEWFOLDER\app"+folder,and account as “my account name” and mail message as item.Can anyone guide me?
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may i know what is the value of folder here
if possible can i have a view on the property panel of move mail activity and a screenshot of that activity in the design panel
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here i am getting the folder value from excel sheet,the folder name will be like “sample” and etc


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Is that folder will be like

If it will be like second one mention the back slash like this

Cheers @SuvarnaReddy123

Thank you [Palaniyappan]
I tried your solution
It is showing the error like “Option strict on disallows implicit conversion from string to long”


Use “Inbox\Newfolder\app\”+Folder
Hope Folder will be a string Variable.
Suresh J

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Can I have a screenshot of how the expression was mention in the activity if possible
Cheers @SuvarnaReddy123

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